Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Go Crazy? Why Go?

We all have our own reasons for why God called us to this trip, at this particular time, in this particular season.  He intends to do a unique work for and through each one of us.  We all know why we said yes to His call, "Go!"

When our family sat down to pray about the theme for this trip, although crazy is the most obvious choice for our family, we honestly went round and round for 4 months.  We had the most sincere, serious, and beautiful themes designed you can possibly imagine.  Many of them will still find their way into our training because they were so grand.  But in the final moments God just said, "Nope.  Your theme is Go Crazy. Go!  So, we listened, switched gears from the Anthropologie looking design and went with a crazy funky child like wonderland.  Isn't that what this trip is about anyway?  Becoming child like so we can be relevant and life changing in the eyes of a precious little child.

If it seems we're crazy, it is to bring glory to God.  2 Corinthians 5:13

The word translated crazy here comes from the greek word exestēmen.  In it's various forms it can be translated as out of one's mind, beside one's self, and also awe and amazement.  Its use in scripture ranges in meaning from amazement accompanied with terror and trembling to an astonishment full of perplexity, wonder, awe and joyous surprise. It is the word especially used to show the effect of Christ's miracles, teaching, character and Divine personality on those who saw and heard Him, and were made conscious of His supernatural power.

May we always be crazy.  Beside ourselves and out of our mind so that the Lord has more room to fill us up.  Amazed and joyfully surprised at what God is doing and accomplishing around, in, and through us.  So conscious of His supernatural power that it effects us radically.  Lord, help us Go Crazy!


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